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About Rotherham Organisation for Downs Syndrome (RODS)

Rotherham Organisation for Down's Syndrome (RODS) was established in 1998 as the Rotherham branch of the Down's Syndrome Association (DSA). We then became a charity in our own right in 2002 when the DSA decided to concentrate on their national profile rather than local. We remain affiliated to the DSA, which is a fantastic resource for information on Down's syndrome, particularly in regard to health, education and research.

RODS is a registered charity, run by volunteer parents for the benefit of local people with Down's syndrome and their families. Our trustees are all parents of people born with Down's syndrome.

Examples of the kind of support we have provided includes:

  • Offering to speak to prospective parents who have been told there is a chance their baby will have Down's syndrome
  • Offering to speak to new parents who have had a baby with Down's syndrome
  • Providing information packs to Rotherham hospital to give to new parents, or prospective new parents
  • Information and advice on how to get the best support for people with Down's syndrome
  • Educational resources
  • Christmas parties
  • Trips to pantomimes, zoos, theme parks,
  • Creating opportunities for community to develop through social gatherings eg teddy bears picnic, meals together at a restaurant, meeting at a pub, etc

We also need YOU to tell us what you'd like, what help you need, etc - we only exist for you. Join in.